Hello, bonjour! Welcome to my art page! Here you will find a selection of my body of work! I edit this page often and strongly suggest you explore the rest of my website! Blessed be.


Life is tough, and it can be hard to find ways to support one another, so I set up this link! I’m currently working towards opening up a studio space to give one on one art classes in West Nipissing for all ages and I thrive on coffee. If you would like to show your support buy me a coffee… or two! xoxo



4A44388D-422A-4EE2-A8A2-8FCE9A08FEA5red faced ballon – acrylic 2019


Speed painting – 2019


2CEAEDB6-5BE1-48A2-A11A-227C102E4E50Mannequin shoot – 2019



Les Os de nos Ancetre – Mix medium – acrylic collage 2016/2017


653DEA9F-8150-4FB4-BA22-4CA6811B0128Autoportrait – 2018



Gisèle Lalonde -2017


Live Art – House of Paint – Collaboration 2017

KANATA 150? Studio 66 2016

Painted Mannequin – Felicia can be a Dude – 2017

Live Art for Auction – Poor Boy Ottawa 2017

Landscape exploration – Mix Medium 2016

Painted Persona – Mix Medium 2015/2016

Les routes qui nous unissent – MIFO 2017

Art en Ainmation – Hearst 2014/2015 Acrylique

La Forrest – Acrylique 2015

Commission – Mix Medium – 2016

Mauril Belanger – 2016

Painted Persona – Mère Bleu 2015

Lost in Technology Series – Mix medium – 2014/2015


3d face – mix medium 2014


2 Replies to “ART & COFFEE”

  1. I love it! Your spirit, your art and the whole vibe of your website. Let me know if your looking for a spot I may be able to help k! Awesome


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