An Artist Journey

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Here are some thoughts and images taken during my layered creative process. You can also follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see what I’m up to.


Alexandre Aimee


January 24th, 2017,

I’ve been extremely hush hush about my creative process on social media. I think I’m finally ready to share what’s been going on. I’ve never not done art. Allot of people ask me about how long I’ve been doing it and I feel like I’m lying when I give a time frame.

Since I could use my little arms I’ve “destroyed” everything my mother loves. There is not a single book she has ever owned that I didn’t contribute some form of artistic destruction. Every surface I have ever owned or been around has been marked by my penmanship.
I was not a fan of art classes in middle school. In complete honesty, I had horrible grades in art cause I wouldn’t follow any rules. (The system is flawed but that’s a conversation for another time) It’s when life as I knew it crumbled I stopped making art for others and grades but for myself and to process life itself. That was 11 years ago.

From that point on I took other peoples sadness and my own as inspiration to create. The first canvas I ever did was thanks to a religious brother who was also my french teacher in 9th grade. He brought me a canvas one day. This time of year. And pushed me to paint a narrative. I haven’t stopped since.

I changed school and have been pushing myself and my craft, it’s not choice, well never felt like one but rather an impulse.

When I was 20 years old on the night I saw my grandmother’s last breaths and watched a heat storm with my dad in the sky I decided to be selfish and take my work seriously. And I’ve been on an art adventure ever since.

With time my own thoughts began to fade and the thoughts and lives of others have become my main point of interest. Stories and narrative are the center of my creative process, knowing and understanding others lives, choices and perspectives. It fuels me. I have many muses and faithful family and friends who I owe endless gratitude and apologies for bringing you along the ride.

I’m about to work on an autoportrait (self-portrait) thus trying to channel my own perspective.

If you’re still reading,

Thank you 😘👽

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