The lake of healers

The healers left the area without any explanation hundreds of years ago and since the area has become home of a collective of tribes from neighbouring regions” a story from a time and an amazing conversation I had with an employee working at the Garden Village friendship center.

Between living in every part of the capital city I spent the other parts of my childhood on lake Nipissing and the surrounding rivers.

From early morning trap lines to long days exploring my grand mothers beach to find treasures. The water is a very import place of healing for me.

I never understood it’s importance in my life until I realized I’ve been painting it for as long as I’ve had a paint brush and that the sentiment is not shared with me alone. My entire family has a deep connection to the shores and it has been our source of survival and personal growth for as long as anyone can remember.

Now I like to utilize it in the creation and presentation of my work.


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