Thoughts behind my work many years later…

Research & Writing Adventure

The life of any freelancer is an exciting one. Full of amazing ups, cool opportunities and downs between seasons. It takes a special person to persist and thrive in this lifestyle, it’s hard but you can definitely find a way to make it work. Before this dreaded two years of isolation, I travelled a lot…

Adapting to the times

I can honestly say that 2020 was a bizarre year. Probably the longest and most challenging, especially given the fact that it was the first year running and operating my own business. I am happy to still be standing. I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate I was able to find ways to keep going but…

The lake of healers

According to tales and stories, tribes all feared the powers of the Nbiising peoples and let them do their thing until one day they all left and other tribes came to the waters where healers still gather to this day.

New Website

I have fantastic news! Français à suivre.