née: Alexandre-Aimée Rivet

Sturgeon-Falls, Ontario


2017 –  Celebrons nore histoire, Gallerie Eugene Racette, Orleans Ontario

2017  –   Flava Art, Flava Factory, Ottawa Ontario

2016  –  Mère Bleu, Innovation Village, Kigali, Rwanda, Africa

2016  –  Lost in technology, Happy Goat, Ottawa Ontario

2015   –   Artist Series, Family Industries w/ the Daily Grind Art Café, Ottawa Ontario

2014   –   Show Solo, Café Nostalgica, Ottawa Ontario

2012   –   Roots series, UMI Cafe, Ottawa Ontario

2012   –   Carrefour Francophone, L’université d’Ottawa, Ottawa Ontario

2011   –    Jam Showcase series, UMI Cafe, Ottawa Ontario

Group Exhibits

2017 – Water, The Ottawa School Of Art, Orleans campus

2017 – Filthy Dirty Art Show, Venus Envy, Ottawa Ontario

2017 – WAVES, Overkill, Ottawa Ontario

2017 – KANATA 150? Studio Sixty Six, Ottawa Ontario 

2016 – Y’Art Sale, Atomic Rooster, Ottawa Ontario

2016 – Exposé Noir, Eve, Ottawa Ontario

2016 – OG 500, House of PainT, The Gladstone, Ottawa Ontario

2016  –  Show & Tell Group Show and auction , Brixton, Ottawa Ontario

2015   –  The Eleventh Hour, Venus Envy, Ottawa Ontario

2015   –    Fresh Group Show, Babylon, Ottawa Ontario

2014   –   When Art Attacks!, Wicked Wandas, Ottawa Ontario

2014   –   Dream Love Grow Pop Up, 3 wild women, Ottawa Ontario

2014   –   MOLD Group show, Attomic Rooster, Ottawa Ontario

2013   –   Les emotion, Gallery Crystal Racine, Montreal Quebec

2013   –    Recit de Vie, Gallery Crystal Racine, Montréal Quebec

2013   –    Le Festival Franco-Ontarien Expo Artistique, Sturgeon-Falls Ontario

2013   –   Fokal Local, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Greenfields, Ottawa Ontario

2012   –   Art Without Boarders Group Exhibit, Everafter, Ottawa Ontario

2012   –   Chernobyl Ont.  series w/ Mique Michelle, Falldown Gallery, Ottawa Ontario

2012   –   Momento Mori Group Show, Overkill, Ottawa Ontario

2012   –   Celebrate Her Group Show, Patrick John Mills Gallery, Ottawa Ont.

2011   –   Group Show, Falldown Gallery, Ottawa Ontario

2010   –   Basement Artist Group Show, Babylon, Ottawa Ontario

2009   –   Exposition Communautaire Club Optimiste, Ottawa Ontario

Sets & Installations

2017 – Gomeshi Effect, The Gladstone Theater w/Mique Michelle, Ottawa Ontario

2016 – #thekiss Interactive Mural, National Arts Center, Ottawa Ontario

2016 – Gusto TV Latin Cooking w/Mique Michelle, Ottawa Ontario

2012   –   Smoking Alone Installation, The Daily Grind Art Café, Ottawa Ontario

2012   –   In Da Woods Installation, The Daily Grind Art Café, Ottawa Ontario

2011   –   Ottawa’s by Installation, 424, Ottawa Ontario

Art education affiliations/ animations artistiques

2017 – Artistes en Résidence CECCE

2017 – Ottawa School of Art

2016 – House of PainT

2015/16 – REFO

2013/17 – Ottawa Art Gallery

2009 – FESFO


TFO 24.7 

The leveller

Danielle magazine page 52

The east african 


Mix medium, Franco-Ontarian artist, Alexandre Aimée works predominantly with recycled material, dead flowers and acrylic paint. Inspired by the perception of cultural identity, as well as contemporary views of gender representation and feminism, her artistic evolution can be experienced through portraits, experimental photography and live installations. Currently working on multimedia series in a cabin inthe woods in West Nipissing, Alexandre Aimée’s work has been showcased throughout the city of Ottawa, Northern Ontario, Rwanda Africa and Montreal.