Adapting to the times


I can honestly say that 2020 was a bizarre year. Probably the longest and most challenging, especially given the fact that it was the first year running and operating my own business. I am happy to still be standing. I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate I was able to find ways to keep going but let’s be real…. It takes a community and I would be not sitting here, writing this, if it wasn’t for the support from my participants and neighbours. The love is real.

What was the downfall of my business when we first opened pre pandemic has proved to be our saving grace – one on one classes. During the down months where we usually would be on tour hosting art events I took a little contract for an organizations I hold dear to my heart and makes me feel closer to my dead grand parents. Morbid, maybe? But for me it’s one of the highlights. My contrat is almost up and it would be a lie to say that I am sad, cause this contract has pushed me like no other and all good things must come to an end. All that to say that the Studio is isolating while I work on different projects but we will never give up and keep pushing ourselves to make our services accessible to those who need it!

So if your still reading and would like to take an art class with me (once my contract is done so in a couple of weeks) everything is virtual until further notice and HOPEFULLY we can do more house calls like this afternoon we had with sylvie a couple of months ago!

Classes and more information can be found on my Art Studio website:

Stay weird ❤

– Alexandre Aimée


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