Research & Writing Adventure


The life of any freelancer is an exciting one. Full of amazing ups, cool opportunities and downs between seasons. It takes a special person to persist and thrive in this lifestyle, it’s hard but you can definitely find a way to make it work. Before this dreaded two years of isolation, I travelled a lot in schools to give workshops either through the Art Studio, school boards or multiple organizations I’ve been linked to for over a decade now.

If one thing we’ve all learned from this shared experience is that we can work from home and damn, we are resilient. No choice! All that to say life has brought me some pretty cool opportunities during these times. I got to facilitate a 6-week Art themed summer camp all the way in London, Ontario for their Francophone Center – thanks to ZOOM and the amazing coordinator. As well as work with one of my mentors and sister from another mister, my northern ICON: Mique Michelle for her new TV show produced by Lopii Productions and to be aired on TFO!

I haven’t worked in television on a regular basis since 2016, but wow did I ever learn from the experience this summer. I got hired first as the writer to ensure the hosts’ voice reflected how she actually talks (easy for me cause we speak the same) as well as researching guests, the area and all that good stuff. Mostly from home, it was a true dream to be part of such an amazing team!

Last month I was even able to join them for 3 locations, prepping the wall and being the amazing cheerleader I was born to be haha!

Season 1’s prep is coming to an end and I feel beyond blessed to have had this opportunity while working from home. Make sure to keep an eye out for # Couleurs Du Nord! Coming to a TV near you!


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