Birth Story

How wanting an epidural most likely saved our baby’s life.

Research & Writing Adventure

The life of any freelancer is an exciting one. Full of amazing ups, cool opportunities and downs between seasons. It takes a special person to persist and thrive in this lifestyle, it’s hard but you can definitely find a way to make it work. Before this dreaded two years of isolation, I travelled a lot…

Back in business

I am beyond thrilled to annonce the Art Studio will be back open for in studio session starting next month! Our virtual options will still be available such as our step by step group workshops! We will also have our regular programs such as art as a therapy. Ideal for weekly visits to work on…

Adapting to the times

I can honestly say that 2020 was a bizarre year. Probably the longest and most challenging, especially given the fact that it was the first year running and operating my own business. I am happy to still be standing. I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate I was able to find ways to keep going but…

The lake of healers

According to tales and stories, tribes all feared the powers of the Nbiising peoples and let them do their thing until one day they all left and other tribes came to the waters where healers still gather to this day.

Art For Sale

It’s been a while. The world is on fire and we have been in quarantine since march at my little art studio. With only solutions in mind we have managed to work from online and working with new participants. It’s with heavy heart we can’t see our regulars but Cole and I are going to…

New Website

I have fantastic news! Français à suivre.

New This Season

(français à suivre) We officially wrapped up our first summer season, and we have a lot to celebrate! Cole (@akkadiansprayart) and I have had the best time opening the art studio and learning from the experience. With that we have two students done for the time being and two new ones registered for 6-week programs…

New Art Studio

So excited to announce that I will be creating my upcoming work from my new studio located at 58 Queen St in Sturgeon Falls and open to the public for classes and workshops as of June 1st 2019! Register here and join me on this adventure through my Blog and Instagram @alexandreaimee!

Projet de Prévention

Cette collaboration ne pourrait pas être plus appropriée merci La FESFO. Merci à la jeunesse pour les dernières années en tournée dans vos écoles. Et merci à mes relations non-saine que j’ai appris beaucoup et je me suis en sortie grâce à ces conversations que l’ont crée

Une letter a mes amis anglophones

A letter, Écrit le 16 novembre 2018 I present to you an open letter I never thought I would pen. I write it in this language for all my English friends.

Mutation de visage

Installation de visage fait d’item recyclés autour de Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing Ouest hiver 2018

Artiste En Résidence

Projet d’art multi media avec les élèves de l’école Saint-François D’Assise en partenariat avec le projet d’Artiste en résidence du CECCE

Live Art

Œuvres créer en direct pour le Gala Steeltoes & Stilettos pour la compagne de Habitat Go au centre Shaw a Ottawa novembre 2017.


Experimental photography taken during an interactive installation in pure darkness

Lost in technology

Série multi media qui explore les thèmes de technologie nouvelle et ancienne par rapport à notre consommation et la perte de soi dans le processus. Présenté au Happy Goat Ottawa Ont. Avril – mai 2016

Mère Bleu

Série qui explore les étapes universelles de devenir femme présentée au Kigali, Rwanda, Afrique en partenariat avec Innovation Village avril 2016.


Mannequin extraordinaire! Felicia, ma modèle fiable m’a accompagné pendant beaucoup d’événements artistique et sert d’une toile human durant la création de toile vivante.

Warped Faces

Série de portrait sur disques vinyles vieux et endommagés créé pour Family Industrie’s Artist Series au Daily Grind Art Cafe

Wood Shoot

Série photographique en collaboration avec Caroline Leal

Sister Love

Fin mai 2012, j’ai pu aller passer du temps avec ma famille  a Sturgeon-Falls Ontario.